Why should I pay to volunteer?

At first sight, it must sound ridiculous for you to pay to volunteer. You must think: « I will be the one whose working and helping people, so why should I pay for it? »
But after a quick look at the fees and what you pay for, it turns quite logical.
Indeed, when you think about the fees (and so did I when I volunteered), you only think about your personal expenses and what the organization will give you such as the food and the accommodation.

Keep in mind this is an organization and it needs volunteers to keep moving forward, once you’re done, someone else will take your place. It’s a cycle. So, what are you actually paying for? Behind these expenses, they are many hidden costs that are crucial for the organization to keep going.

    • Network (website and technology)
    • Advertising
    • Maintenance (classrooms, house, A/C, electronics, etc)
    • Amenities (Wi-Fi, clean water, electricity, gas, etc)
    • Materials (teaching material)
    • Cleaning services
    • Transportation
    • The salaries for the organization members, to make it sustainable for the whole project as well as for the people working full time on it.

The reason why some volunteer programs are free or cheaper is that either they are fully subsidized by the government or another entity; or you have way more work to do and NO 3 days week-ends as you have with TeachPTY.

How far away is Pedasi from Panama City?

Pedasi is located in the province of Los Santos and is around 4 hours driving time from Panama City.

Do you have airport pick up service?

At your arrival at the Tocumen airport, TeachPTY staff will pick you up. Just make sure you let us know in advance your flight information.

Once I arrive, do we leave right away or do we stay in the city?

If you arrive on Friday: we will give you a city tour and drive you to Casco Viejo to spend 2 nights there. Then you we will drive to Pedasi so you can start your TeachPTY experience.

If you arrive on any other day you will most likely go straight to Pedasi. (feel free to ask what your options are and we’ll do what we can to help you during your stay)

If I don’t fly by on a Friday, do I miss my chance of exploring Panama City?

We can always arrange for you to go to the city during your 3 day weekend free time.

Is Panama safe ? What about Pedasi ?

As every country in the world, there are some “no go” places in Panama. However, you will be kept far away from it.

Pedasi is such a peaceful place to live. The people living there are friendly, welcoming and pleased to give you advice about the best places to visit.

Is there a hospital in Pedasi ? What about shops ?

There is one hospital in Pedasi and lots of little shops (small to medium sized), restaurants, hotels and hostels … In Pedasi you will find everything you need!

What does your program provide?

  • Full Accommodation
  • Meals during teaching days (Monday thru Thursday)
  • Transportation: Airport / Pedasi (Round trip)
  • Interactive English syllabus (Teaching materials included)
  • A look into Pedasi town
  • Assistance in setting up your weekend trips to explore Panama (Friday to Sunday)
  • Pre-trip and project preparations, communications, and all email/phone support
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Taste of the city (City tour: 2 nights in Panama city and one city tour at your arrival)

I have never taught kids before, is this a problem ?

Not at all! There is always a first time for everything, you will learn and you WILL LOVE IT.
You will allow the kids to discover a new nationality-culture, country and expand their minds! It’s a win-win deal between you and the kids as you will also learn so much. We will also be there to help you along the way!

Is it possible to do an internship at TeachPTY?

It is not something new for TeachPTY to get interns, so if you have some skills that you think can be beneficial for the development of the program, you are more than welcome.
Just get in touch with us and we can obviously arrange something (full internship, internship plus teaching English … etc).

What places can I visit during my stay?

Panama is full of natural beauties. If you are looking for adventure or relaxation, you can find it all!

Some of the most famous spots close or inside Pedasi: Isla Iguana, Playa Destiladeros, Venao, Cambutal

Other provinces: Bocas del Toro, Boquete, Volcan, Cerro Punta, Boca Chica (Gulf of Chiriqui), Santa Catalina, Cebaco, Coiba, Morrillo,  La Yeguada, Escudo de Veraguas, El Valle de Anton, San Blas, Portobelo, Isla Grande, Taboga, Archipielago de las Perlas (Contadora – Isla Viveros) …

And many more!

If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the application form 😉