For many years now I’ve had this idea, this concept dwelling in my head. I wanted to do something meaningful and bring opportunities to my home town of Panama. A country with a lot of social disparities and poverty. In the process, I came across a lot of ideas but none of them seemed to take off. After living 12 years away from Panama and having had the opportunity to travel the world, I discovered voluntourism, an amazing way to travel the world by helping those in need.

After spending most of my career working in tech corporations, I decided to volunteer for 3 months in Bali, Indonesia as an inexpensive way of discovering new places while meeting people and making a difference in their day-to-day lives .During my time as a volunteer, my work involved teaching English in a remote, rural area in Bali. As part of the program, I taught English for 4 days a week and had 3 days remaining to explore amazing Bali, which I definitely did!


Panama is a lot like Bali, both have beautiful beaches, islands, and scenery, but unfortunately, a lot of poverty as well. What a better way to get to know a country by submerging yourself in it and actually helping the people around the community by just being there and sharing with the community, sharing with them about places and cultures that they would hardly have the opportunity to discover otherwise! And in the meantime, you will even have the chance to explore stunning beaches and places you can’t even begin to imagine.

Once I returned to Panama from my adventure in Bali, I decided I was going to fully dedicate myself on creating something that involves volunteering and exploring!! I met with several volunteer program organisations and NGOs and began shaping my ideas one step at a time.

I decided to do it in Pedasi because this is one of Panama’s most authentic and charming places, and it has a lot to offer. Tourism is booming here so we better get those kids here learning English so they can secure better jobs in the future!!

I met a couple of times with Panama’s Ministry of Education representative in Pedasi, Professor Lourdes Diaz,  and the principal of the only public elementary school in Pedasi town, Professor Rosa Cedeño. I had the opportunity to brief them on the pilot program and show them how TeachPTY will work. Both of them seem really excited about the idea and gave me their approval!

I met with the parents of the children that will be involved in the pilot program. I am not going to lie, I was very nervous! I kept thinking to myself, am I out of my mind?

Well, it turns out that 30 parents out of 36 parents showed up to the meeting. I WAS IMPRESSED! I was amazed and thankful that they were all on board and eager to begin the pilot program!

Now I need you to help me create something positive and meaningful for volunteers worldwide and kids in Pedasi.

Be part of the first wave of volunteers to help us start this movement!