This program is based on two basic needs of human kind:  Education and Exploration. In rural areas these needs are limited and sometime none existent. This program educates both sides of society under one general objective: ”Exchange experiences” while Empowering through Education” two well aligned concepts that neglect nationality, social/economical status and political /religious ideologies.

Why are we promoting English?

Would you be reading this if this was in Spanish? 😉  As you probably know, English is the most spoken language in the world, this means a high percentage of tourist will at least speak English during their holidays. In Panama, tourism is one of the main incomes specially in rural areas. Offering English to 3rd grade students will help the integration into an ever changing multicultural society, improve their chances for a higher education and break future barriers for business development and cultural exchange with the international market/tourism.

Why 3rd grade students?

Its not just a random decision…

  • Because we are a start-up organisation we do not have (at the moment) the work force to teach the entire school, it is one of our future goals but we prefer to focus the limited resources we have to ensure optimal results.
  • Students in 3rd, according to some research show a faster learning and understanding than other ages.
  • At this age, students are old enough to interact with other older ages to practices their learning.

What about the English courses?

English courses have been developed in collaboration with professional English teachers and Panama’s Ministry of Education . The courses have been spread out across an academic year and will be given to the volunteer to follow them. Don’t panic if  you have no experience, that’s why we are here for!! All courses material will be given to you and other tools to help you along the experience.

What to do on your free time?

You have 3 days free per week (Friday to Sunday) and you are welcome to do as you wish, please check our section Explore to get some more details about Pedasi and Panama but more important some Adventure Ideas.


  • Volunteers with the age range between 18-35 yrs old.
  • Native English speaker or qualified via our Skype interview .
  • Flexible, creative, resourceful.
  • Hard working and motivated!!
  • Spanish language skills are not required but always a plus!!


Volunteer’s fee depends on number of weeks volunteering and benefits chosen within the program.

Volunteers are welcome to join for any length of time. The fees will be prorated accordingly to the length of stay.

Program Duration: Minimum 2 weeks.

Volunteer Schedule: 3-4 hours/day (always in the afternoon/after school program).


  • Full Accommodation.
  • Meals during teaching days (Monday thru Thursday).
  • Transportation: Airport / Pedasi (Round trip).
  • Interactive English syllabus (Teaching materials included).
  • A look into Pedasi town.
  • Assistance in setting up your weekend trips to explore Panama (Friday to Sunday).
  • Pre-trip and project preparations, communications, and all email/phone support.
  • Free Wi-Fi access.
  • Taste of the city (City tour: 2 nights in Panama city and one city tour at your arrival).*
  • Meals during entire week.*

*Extra Benefits

Not included

  • Airfares
  • Your International Travel Health Insurance
  • Personal expenses like your tours and weekend meals (Friday to Sunday).

Volunteer fee breakdown

Payment methods

Bank transfer